Guardian Home Opportunities

Welcome to our Guardian Home Opportunities page! Guardian homes are an integral part of our breeding program and allow all of our dogs to live in phenomenal family homes while in our breeding program. We adore our guardian families!

How does it work?
First is completion of our Puppy Application with Guardian in the request line. Once we evaluate your application we will contact you directly to discuss whether a guardian opportunity is right for you.

What do you get?
You will be matched with a guardian dog, male or female depending on your preference, that we feel is a good match for your family. This is typically a puppy, but we occasionally have opportunities for slightly older dogs.

The cost of the dog is taken care of by Labradoodles on Main, there is no cost to you for the dog. The dog remains the property of Labradoodles On Main until his or her breeding career is finished. At that time the dog is transferred to you and stays with you forever.

What is the cost to you?
There is no cost for the dog as stated above. You will be responsible for all routine care (shots, grooming, etc) and Labradoodles On Main is responsible for all costs related to breeding. We will also make arrangements for pick up/drop off of the dog when needed. We require guardian dogs to be fed Life’s Abundance food and use Revolution for heartworm/flea preventative.

What do you have to do?
Love the dog and make him or her a part of your family. You must make the dog available when needed for breeding related activities (testing, ultrasounds, semen analysis, breeding). Under most circumstances you will have at least 5-7 days notice beforehand.

You need to live within one hour of Findlay, Ohio. If you live farther away and are really interested, please apply as we do make exceptions to this.

How long does the dog stay in the breeding program?
For females, a maximum of 4 litters. Litters will be at the discretion of Labradoodles On Main for timing. For males, generally until age 7.

Females come and stay with Labradoodles On Main for birth and raising their puppies (6-8 weeks)

Males are generally only away from home for a day trip.

What should I do if I might be interested?
Call Carmela at 419-348-0973! I love to talk about our program with prospective guardians!

We have a wonderful relationship with our guardian families that is truly special. If you would like to be a part of this fabulous group, please fill out our Puppy Application and specify Guardian!

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