“We have owned doodles for more than ten years and can honestly say that our Alfie is the happiest, healthiest, most loving doodle we’ve ever owned. Labradoodles on Main is amazing – the care and love they give every dog is what every dog breeder should aspire to. If you meet one of their puppies, it’s easy to see how much care they get, and how carefully they are matched to potential owners for activity and temperament. Everyone who meets Alfie immediately falls in love with him, and his two “doodle” sisters adore him. We were so wowed in working with Carmela that we have told everyone we know about her, and a big plus is that she has become a long-distance friend. Rest assured that every doodle we bring into our home from now on will come from Labradoodles on Main.”

– Michele and Ron Nelson, Scottsdale, Arizona

“After talking to my son’s therapist, she had mentioned that a dog could help with a lot of his anxieties. At that time, my eight-year-old son was still sleeping in my room and also was totally afraid to walk into a room by himself at night. It didn’t matter if all the lights were on or not.

After considering the therapist’s opinion and searching online for months, I came across the website Labradoodles on Main. The pictures on the website showed three dogs that were ready to be picked up. The three of us fell in love with the same dog. I quickly dialed the phone number only to find out that the owners were in an airport delivering that puppy to its new family. Several hours later, Carmella called back and said that they had one dog left and sent me several pictures. In the pictures, we noticed that this puppy had a white patch on his chest that looked just like an angel. The three of us couldn’t keep the smiles off our faces!! We knew right then that God had a hand in this. I called Carmella and had a ton of questions for her. I was so excited to hear that Labradoodles don’t shed or smell like most dogs. I was also pleased to hear everything she told us about their personalities. Bentley is one of the most athletic dogs when he is outside. He will go on mile runs with us and play fetch for hours. He is also one of the laziest dogs I know when he is inside. He even lies down to eat and drink.

We kept Bentley crated for the first year but now he has free reign of our house. He was very easy to potty train and he is constantly learning new tricks. When he comes in the house from outside, he waits by the backdoor until we wipe his feet. We didn’t train him to do that; he just learned the routine by himself. I’m sure we are biased but he is one of the smartest dogs we have ever seen. Besides learning new tricks and following commands, Bentley has helped our family in so many ways. My son now sleeps in his own bed with Bentley and isn’t afraid to wander the house after dark. My daughter is thrilled to have a dog to play with outside with because we live in a neighborhood full of boys. And I am so grateful to have Bentley on the weekends when my children visit their father. He is the best company for all of us.

Bentley has completely stolen our hearts! He isn’t just a dog, he is a huge part of our whole family. He goes everywhere we go. If he can’t go with us then he goes to Nana’s. When Nana was sick in bed with pneumonia, Bentley wouldn’t leave her side. He would wrap his body around her head and stay there until she moved.

Back to Bentley’s looks….. He’s beautiful! He is multi-colors of brown and of course, the white angel on his chest. He has had several different haircut styles and attracts attention wherever we go.

In short, we can’t imagine our lives without Bentley. He means so much to us and has changed our lives in so many ways. When his days with us are over, I have no doubt that I will be contacting Carmella to send another one of her “Special Angels” to us.”

– Bentley’s family in Huntingburg, Indiana

“Kylo is the best dog in existence and we love him so much. He is absolutely socialized and wonderful. If you are thinking about adopting from Labradoodles on Main, do it. Our dog is amazing.”

– Jennifer Greenlese

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